People have been drinking milk for more than 7,000 years. Drinking milk was natural, popular and important at all times. After all, milk is not only a tasty and nutritious drink, but also an important source of calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, B1, B2, D and other microelements.

Nowadays, when people are more demanding in respect of the products they consume, Loostdorf constantly searches for and introduces food innovations ensuring the high quality of its dairy products. This is confirmed by the following facts:


The Loostdorf plant has been certified as compliant with the international food quality (DSTU ISO 9001) and safety management (DSTU ISO 22000) standards.


Loostdorf plant processes 450 tons of milk every day. Such production capacity is ensured by the modern hi-tech world-class equipment. Dairy products are produced in a protected environment under automated control without any people’s access.


Loostdorf products are made only of high-quality raw milk (of extra, high and first grade) from the best farms of Podillia and Polissia. There are milk testing points and more than 200 industrial cold-storage plants are on their territory. The quality of raw milk supplied by farms is always checked. High-quality raw milk is cooled immediately, which allows to preserve its natural properties and prevent the generation of inimical bacteria.


Loostdorf's own special purpose vehicles with modern equipment allow to deliver fresh and high-quality raw milk to the production facilities within two hours, where it turns into your favorite products.


The quality of Loostdorf products is checked at every stage of production, starting with testing raw milk supplied by farmers and ending with testing the finished products. The raw milk that does not meet the Loostdorf’s quality and composition requirements is returned to the supplier and is not used as it can cause a stop of operation of the company’s hi-tech equipment.


Loostdorf uses innovative technologies for milk processing. They are two types of ultra-heat treatment – indirect heating and steam treatment, which kill inimical bacteria and at the same time preserve the nutrition value of raw milk.


The Loostdorf dairy products consist not only of high-quality milk, but also of other natural ingredients, such as different flavor fillers and fermentation starter of pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria from the best suppliers of the dairy market. In addition, our products do not contain GMOs. They are absolutely safe and healthy.


Loostdorf uses the best packaging solutions for its dairy products. Most products are in a convenient aseptic and eco-friendly Tetra Pak packaging, which protects them from the negative influence of the environment and preserves their freshness, quality and wonderful taste for a long time.

The primary task of the present-day responsible producer of dairy products is to give the consumer a safe, high-quality, tasty, nutritious and healthy product.

Such an important mission can be carried out only using modern hi-tech innovations and advanced production technologies.

ТUltra Heat Treatment

Loostdorf uses the innovative technology of ultra heat treatment (UHT). Raw milk is treated by the temperature of 137 °C for 2–4 seconds and then is quickly cooled to the temperature of 25 °C.

This progressive technology allows to kill all pathogenic bacteria and at the same time preserve the nutrition value of milk – protein, vitamins and microelements. After such treatment UHT dairy products can be stored in closed packaging for up to six months.

After being heat-treated, the milk is packed in the Tetra Pak aseptic packaging by automated equipment in the protected environment. The packaging consists of six different layers of carton, polyethylene and foil. Such packaging protects the product from the effects of air and light, which can cause fast souring of milk.

Steam treatment

Steam treatment is another innovation that Loostdorf uses in preparing raw milk for production. Steam is injected into raw milk under high pressure (4 bars), and the product temperature raises to 140 °C. After a few seconds, the milk is quickly cooled to 20 ˚C not exposed to air or light.

This allows to kill inimical bacteria, while preserving the nutrition value of milk. The technology also ensures the delicate taste with no “boiled milk” flavor.

Our highly qualified and experienced professionals are constantly in search of new and improved milk processing technologies. Therefore, consumers can always be sure of the excellent quality of all Loostdorf products!