Loostdorf Ltd is a modern dynamic company, one of the largest milk producers in Ukraine. Loostdorf has been maintaining a high quality of its products, high market positions and customer loyalty.

The company includes:

  • Hi-tech production facilities of the Illintsi Milk Plant (Vinnytsia region) with modern technical means certified to the international standards of food quality (DSTU ISO 9001) and safety (DSTU ISO 22000) management.
  • Regional branches of direct distribution in ten cities of Ukraine – Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhia, Vinnytsia, Mykolaiv, Lutsk, Kryvyi Rih.

At present, the company has about 1,700 highly qualified and experienced professionals. The continuous search for innovative technical and commercial solutions, as well as new relevant product formats is their everyday goal. At the same time, the constantly high quality of the company’s products is not only its good tradition, but also one of its most important business guides.

The Loostdorf products are made of the extra, high and first grade raw milk. Fifty best farms of Vinnytsia, Khmelnytskyi, Zhytomyr and Cherkasy regions supply it to the company. At each stage of production, the quality and consumer-oriented characteristics of the dairy products are checked.

The company produces more than 100 products under 8 well-known and popular trademarks – Selianske, Na Zdorovia, Buronka, Smachno Shef, Vesela buronka, Despicable Me, Miau Milk, Ideal NEmoloko. All Loostdorf products meet the up-to-date quality standards, current market needs and can exceed the expectations of the most demanding customers.

According to independent
expert estimates, Loostdorf:

  • Is the leader in selling
    cream and milkshakes.
  • Ranks 2nd in selling milk.
  • Is in top three largest Ukrainian
    exporters of whole-milk products.

Loostdorf is rapidly expanding its global reach. In 2016, the company was licensed to export its products to the EU countries. Today it supplies products to more than 25 countries of the world. In addition, Loostdorf products are certified to the Halal standard.

A professional team of like-minded people who strive to improve the culture of consuming dairy products, high level of management and process standards are a key to success and a fundamental driver of Loostdorf.