About Us

Loostdorf LLC is a modern dynamic company, one of the largest producers of dairy products in Ukraine. For more than 25 years, Loostdorf has confidently maintained a high level of product quality, leading market positions and consumer loyalty. The company produces more than 100 products under well-known trademarks: Selyanske, Na Zdorovya, Buryonka, Smachno Chef, Vesela Buryonka, Despicable Me, Green Smile. All Loostdorf products meet modern quality standards and market requirements and are able to meet the needs of the most demanding consumers. In 2016, the company received official permission to export to the EU countries - and today it supplies products to more than 25 countries around the world. Loostdorf products are also Halal certified.

The structure of the enterprise includes:

  • High-tech production facilities certified according to DSTU ISO 9001 quality management standards and DSTU ISO 22000 food safety standards, which are located in the city of Ilintsy, Vinnitsa region. the area of ​​production facilities is 32,000 m².
  • A treatment plant with an area of 7.3 thousand m², which has no analogues among producers in the dairy industry of Ukraine.
  • Regional offices of direct distribution in ten cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhya, Vinnytsia, Mykolaiv, Lutsk, Kryvyi Rih.

Modern production

The company's production facilities are capable of processing 450 tons of milk per day. Such production capacity is provided by modern high-tech world-class equipment. The plant has 13 bottling lines from Tetra Pak. The production of dairy products takes place in a secure environment under automated control without direct human contact.

Reliable raw milk base

Loostdorf products are made from extra and premium grade milk raw materials. More than 50 best farms in Vinnytsia, Khmelnitsky, Zhytomyr and Cherkasy regions supply the enterprise. At each stage of production, strict professional control of quality and consumer characteristics is carried out.

Specialized vehicle fleet

Raw milk for production is supplied to the enterprise by the company-owned modern milk carriers “Scania” equipped with refrigerated chambers, which guarantees high-quality delivery of raw milk for production.

Quality without compromise

The quality of Loostdorf LLC products is strictly controlled at every stage of production, starting with tests when receiving raw milk and ending with the analysis of finished products. Raw milk that do not meet the requirements of Loostdorf in terms of quality and control parameters is returned to the supplier and do not enter production.

Natural ingredients

Loostdorf products include not only high-quality milk, but also other exclusively natural ingredients – fruit fillings, flavorings and starters of pure lactic acid cultures from the best suppliers.

Reliable packaging

Loostdorf uses the best food packaging solutions for bottling and packaging. Most of Loostdorf products are produced in Tetra Pak® multilayer carton packaging. This packaging is made from wood certified by the international non-governmental organization Forest Stewardship Council (FCS™), which guarantees complete renewability of natural resources. Tetra Pak packaging is 100% recyclable.