The history of Loostdorf Ltd began on February 4, 1997. This day, in Vinnytsia region, the company was founded on the basis of Illintsi Milk Plant, which today is one of the leaders of the Ukrainian dairy market.
The company’s first step was establishing partnership relations with the leading European company Tetra Pak, one of the world leaders in the field of automation of production processes and the development of aseptic packaging for food. In 1997, the modern world-class equipment was installed in the Loostdorf plant and the production of three types of long-storage milk started. It was produced under the first company’s trademark Na Zdorovia. Loostdorf has been developing rapidly since 2002 and was the first company to introduce a number of innovations in the dairy market of Ukraine.


The company started producing Selianske milk in an innovative packaging Tetra Fino Aseptic.


Loostdorf, first in Ukraine, started producing cream in the 20-gram Tetra Classic Aseptic package.


First in Ukraine, Loostdorf started producing Burenka milk in the 1,5-liter Tetra Brik Aseptic package.


Loostdorf, first in Ukraine, started producing coffee cream in the 10-gram portion package.


The company started producing milk in an innovative aseptic packaging Finpack.


Loostdorf started using Tetra Gemina Aseptic and Tetra Brik Aseptic Edge packaging for its products.


Loostdorf, first in Ukraine, started producing fermented milk products using ultra heat-treated milk.


The company was licensed to export its products to the EU countries.


The company started producing various products for consumers with special needs – lactose-free products for lactose-intolerant people, as well as the first Ukrainian vegetable milk IdealNemoloko for vegetarians and people keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Loostdorf has been a responsible producer for more than 20 years maintaining a high quality of its products, constantly improving, developing the market and valuing its customers.