03 March, 2021
Super-news: “Selyanska” drinking dairy porridge (“kasha”) is now on Ukrainian market.

In March, Loostdorf has launched the new and special product, unique for Ukrainian market. It is the new, modern, DRINKING porridge. The balance of milk and cereals is the main distinction of this product. It is a complete snack, rather than just a drink. It is added sugar free, and has a pleasant sweetish taste due to natural carbohydrates of the cereals. This porridge doesn’t need to be cooked – it is ready to drink. It is convenient to take to a trip, to the office or a picnic, to give to children as a snack in the school. It is convenient to store and to carry – refrigerator is not required. Thus, it is ideally suitable for our dynamic lifestyle. Holding breath, we will watch the new product winning the hearts of Ukrainians.