• Ready-to-drink cow milk Loostdorf produces a wide range of ultra-pasteurized (UHT) milk in different types of packages and volume size
  • Flavored milk Since 2001 the company has been producing flavored milk products such as milk cocktails, coffee drinks and flavored milk, including for children.
  • Milk for children Loostdorf production facility and process is certified to produce milk and dairy products for children of 9 months+.
  • Liquid cream Wide range and highest quality of Loostdorf liquid cream (including dairy and non-dairy) allows the company to hold undisputed leadership position in this category at Ukrainian market.
  • Butter & Spreads Another product category, where Loostdorf is among the leading Ukrainian producers is butter. Wide product range includes 200 g and 100 g package formats of regular butter, as well as salted butter and butter spreads.
  • Fermented milk products Recently launched category of fermented products is the youngest in the company product line. It demonstrates the most rapid development and has the biggest potential for the company’s expansion at Ukrainian market.
  • Fortified milk Innovative technologies and strong brands allow the company to produce fortified milk, and to keep undisputed leadership position in this developing category
  • Skimmed milk powder The modern, recently launched production line produces Loostdorf Extra-grade medium heat skimmed milk powder.
  • The company is exporting it’s dairy products to 16 countries.

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